Turkish chefs savor sweet success with world record baklava

A team of chefs in Turkey earned a world record for the biggest baklava with a huge plate of the pastry delicacy with a weight of more than half a ton. The gigantic baklava was introduced at a “Gastronomy Summit” held in Ankara, in which a bunch of visitors struggled for a piece of the pastry.

Mehmet Kanbur, who headed the team of 14 chefs and also works as the chief of the Mado patisserie chain in Turkey, stated the baklava had a weight of 518 kilos – which is more than 2 times in weight as compared to the earlier record holder. The said baklava was worked for half a year.

The accomplishment was verified by a Guinness World Records representative who supervised the activity through the use of a video link, as reported by the state-run Anadolu Agency.

Baklava, whose source is debated among Turkey and Greece, is cooked with new pistachios or walnuts and a sparkling honey glaze placed in the top of the puffed delicacy.

Kanbur stated:

“This is, of course, Turkey’s achievement, Turkey’s baklava. As you know Turkish people are born eating sweets and die eating sweets… This is what we say to the whole world: eat sweet, talk sweet.”

He added:

“This record is a sweet message to the world. Let’s not talk fighting, let’s talk sweet.”

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