The pain of chocolate as French shoppers brawl over Nutella

Fights started in a chain of French grocery stores as shoppers battled for tubs of chocolate spread by Nutella that got a price reduction.

The Intermarche supermarket company reduced the price tag of a 950g (2 lb) jar of Nutella — so famous in France that it is frequently offered in pubs and cafes to only 1.41 euros or $1.8 from the normal 4.7 euros.

But shops were faced with outbursts of physical violence between buyers in conflict to have their hands on the item.

A customer stated to the newspaper Le Progres that:

“They are like animals. One woman had her hair pulled. An elderly lady took a box on her head. Another had a bloody hand.”

The Ferrero firm, which is the producer of Nutella, distanced itself from the controversal scenario. The choice was completely made by Intermarche and Ferrero resented the decision as stated by a company report.

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