Scientists reconstruct face of 9,000 year-old Greek teenager

The very last moment someone looked on the face of Dawn was 9,000 years back in the past. Now the young adult can be viewed once again, after experts reconstructed her face to demonstrate what people appeared like back in the Mesolithic period, about 7,000 BC. But she does not appear to be happy.

Dawn is assumed to have an age of between 15 to 18 according to an evaluation of her teeth and bones. She features a jaw that sticks out, assumed to be induced by gnawing on animal skin to generate soft leather – a prevalent procedure among the people of that period – and a scowling appearance.

Questioned why she appeared to be angry, Manolis Papagrikorakis, a professor in orthodontics who made a silicone renovation of her face from a clay mold of her head stated humorously that: “It’s not possible for her not to be angry during such an era.”

The researchers stated thatDawn was probably anemic and might have experienced scurvy. Evidence also directed to hip and joint complications, which may have made it hard for her to move around and may possibly have led to her demise.

Found out in a cavern in 1993, the girl was referred to as Avgi, the Greek word for Dawn – due to the fact that she existed at the time that is regarded as the dawn of civilization.

Dawn is currently being exhibited at the Acropolis Museum located in Athens.

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