Pope defends in-flight wedding from conservative headwinds

Pope Francis defended his choice to wed a couple on-board of a plane in Chile, reacting to critique by conservative people that it violated the Church guidelines and established a bad example.

“Someone told me I was crazy to do something like that,” he said humorously throughout a news conference on the aircraft that flew him to Rome coming from Lima, where he concluded a journey to Chile as well as Peru.

In the first ever ceremony conducted on a papal trip, Francis wedded Paula Podest Ruiz, aged 39, and Carlos Ciuffardi Elorriga, aged 41, both of which were cabin attendants working on Latam airlines.

While the move resulted in world headlines and was generally well-received by members of the Catholic Church, traditional Catholic commentators and blog writers who frequently criticized the pope on a number of matters belittled the wedding conducted at 36,000 feet.

They stated it will make it hard for pastors to bargain with Catholic partners who desire to get wedded in uncommon luxurious places as a substitute to a church. Those couples will then state “the pope did it, why can’t you?” one commentator had written.

The pope defended his decision, saying that the scenario of the Chilean couple was a specific one considering that they had been previously wedded in a civil service 8 years back and weren’t capable of marrying in their parish church due to the fact that it collapsed from an earthquake back in 2010.

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