‘Hello kitties’ turns to ‘beware bobcats’ in Texas

A couple of kittens adopted by a San Antonio family appeared adorable, with their large blue eyes and fat tails,  prior to the hot-headed seven-week-old cats started tearing apart feeding bottles and continuously biting the hands that were attempting to give food to them.

The family, whose identity was not revealed, explained to authorities that they believed the kittens were the exceptional and valued household breed of Bengal felines. However, the small felines were in fact untamed bobcats that were given to an animal shelter, and officials stated that the family was under scrutiny for potentially breaking Texas wildlife regulations.

Lisa Norwood, spokeswoman for the San Antonio Animal Care Services (ACS) stated:

“Bengal kittens look like house cats. They do not look like wild cats.” She added that bengal cats and bobcats are seldom mixed up for the other.

In the beginning, the family explained to ACS workers that they found out the cubs left behind in an alleyway. After that, they opened up that the kittens were discovered by a family member in a local rural county and then carried over to San Antonio, as stated by Norwood.

Authorities stated that if the family that adopted the kittens were knowledgeable that the felines were bobcats, they can be charged for the unlawful disturbance of wild animals.

The hunt is on for the mother of the cubs due to the fact if the mother cannot be located, the two bobcats cats might never come back to the wild.

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